Communtiy Health Evangelism


Mexico Medical Missions employs the “Community Health Evangelism” approach to community development. What is CHE? Community Health Evangelism empowers communities to overcome poverty, disease, and hopelessness by mobilizing their God-given potential and available resources.

In a CHE program, local volunteers are equipped and empowered to:

  • Evangelize their community, making new followers of Jesus
  • Nurture disciples, strengthening the church
  • Improve sanitation, preventing diseases
  • Enhance agriculture, increasing food production
  • Create new enterprises, overcoming poverty
  • Utilize appropriate technologies, creating sustainability

CHE mobilizes the resourcefulness of people inspired by God’s Spirit.

CHE is based on extensive research and sound theory, but it is not merely theoretical. The essence of CHE is to make the complicated simple, and the theoretical practical. People who complete CHE training say things like, “It makes sense! We can do this.” Simply put, CHE works.

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